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Cruz leaves his tranquil home in Hawaii to join 23 talented kids from around the globe to train at the Explorer Academy with the world's leading scientists to become the next generation of great explorers.
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Cruz Coronado

Cruz has just joined the prestigious Explorer Academy, where his mother died in a mysterious lab accident when he was young. Cruz is excited about his high-tech exploration classes, but he’s being followed by a shadowy figure who wants to do him harm. But with the help of his friends, Cruz knows he can face any danger while he’s solving his mother’s mystery.




Lani Kealoha

Lani is a tech genius and Cruz’s best friend from home in Hawaii. She adapted Cruz’s honeybee drone, Mell, to respond to voice control and will be key in helping him crack the mystery of what happened to his mother—even while Lani is living halfway around the world.





Emmett Lu

Cruz’s Canadian roommate at the Explorer Academy, Emmett is a wizard when it comes to wearable tech. He invented his one-of-a-kind emoto-glasses, which change color and shape with his emotions. Emmett quickly becomes one of Cruz’s best friends at the Academy, risking everything to help Cruz on his mission.




Sailor York

Sailor is smart and competitive, loyal and brave—and willing to face any danger to help her friends. Although her New Zealand slang may sometimes confuse Cruz, he enjoys having her around to make him laugh and help him out when things turn a little dark.





Marisol Coronado

Cruz’s Aunt Marisol is the Society’s number one expert on anthropology, which she teaches at the Academy. (Cruz is one of her students!) Marisol attended the Academy with her best friend and Cruz's mother, Petra, when they were younger. She loves to wear bright colors and bold patterns. She often sends Cruz coded postcards from her many travels.

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