Meet the Illustrators and Codemaster

Written by Trudi Trueit, Explorer Academy is packed with fun illustrations and mysterious codes. Meet those creators here.


Award-winning illustrator, designer, and fine artist Scott Plumbe created the inside illustrations for Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret. In addition to illustrations for books, magazines and games, he regularly contributes to conceptualizing interpretive centers, museum exhibits, and more. Plumbe is especially well known for his realistic renderings of people, wildlife, and detailed adventure scenes.


All the codes and puzzles you’ll find throughout the book are the work of Gareth Moore. The puzzle creator is the author of more than 35 best-selling international puzzle and brain-training titles from a wide range of publishers. He’s the creator of "Brained Up," a cutting-edge brain-training site offering scientifically designed daily sessions.


Cuban-born illustrator, graphic designer, and graphic novel artist Antonio Javier Caparo created the cover illustration. Passionate about animation and comics, his realistic illustrations regularly appear in magazines and books in the United States, Europe, and South America. Although he started his career in graphic design, his passion for worlds and magical characters soon led him to focus on illustration, creating intense and conceptual pieces. He is a graduate of the Superior Institute of Design in Havana, Cuba, and currently lives in Canada.

Eva Absher

As the vice president of visual identity at National Geographic Kids, Eva Absher oversees the designers, illustrators, and photographers who create the stunning art found in the Explorer Academy book series. Read her first-hand account of working on Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret.