Friends and classmates


Bryndis is Cruz’s classmate from Reykjavík, Iceland. Her patience and cleverness helps balance out some of the bigger personalities on Team Cousteau, and her quick detective work helps Cruz solve a big mystery. Cruz has feelings for her, but does she feel the same away about him?


Mell, Cruz’s tiny honeybee MAV (micro air vehicle), was a gift from his dad and is his constant companion, traveling in Cruz’s pocket while he explores. Lani upgraded Mell before Cruz left for the Academy to respond to Cruz’s voice commands through a honeycomb pin he wears. The drone communicates with Cruz by flashing her eyes and waving her antennae. Mell’s stinger can actually be used as a tool, and it’s gotten Cruz and his classmates out of danger more than once.


Dugan is Cruz’s grumpy teammate from Santa Fe, New Mexico. A bit of a bully, Dugan can be boastful and competitive. He often accuses Cruz of receiving special treatment because his Aunt Marisol is an Academy professor.

Illustrations by Scott Plumbe