Sarah Parcak: Space Archaeologist

Find out how a daring anthropologist is using satellite images to uncover hidden locations.

Space archaeologist Sarah Parcak searches for unknown sites buried deep in the Earth’s soil using high-tech images from satellites in space—just like Cruz and his classmates examine satellite maps to identify pits where archaeological treasures might have been stolen from. That’s right—this technology from Explorer Academy: The Double Helix is real!

Space satellites use different kinds of sensors to see infrared light, UV light, and microwaves—types of light the human eye can’t detect. Microwaves are what allow scientists to see objects underground, and by studying those microwaves, they can pinpoint potential dig locations that are covered by cities, forests, or layers of soil. This ground-breaking technology helps them “see” everything from buried ancient pyramids to temples, and even helps combat looting from these historical sites.