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This week on Nat Geo Kids:

50 Birds, 50 States

Nevada - Ep. 19

Barry the bald eagle meets up with his friend MC Betty Blue in Nevada to learn secrets about the Silver State, home of Las Vegas and some of the driest lands in the country. Good thing they have the Hoover Dam!


Party Animals

Watch Out, Mole Rat! - Ep. 3

Root for this big-headed mole rat as it dodges an Ethiopian wolf in this suspenseful video, featuring music by Parry Gripp. 


Incredible Insects

Praying Mantis - Ep. 13

The praying mantis gets its name from the way it holds its forearms. Pull up a pew, and watch this praying mantis video.


Superb Birds

Toucans - Ep. 18

Get up-close and personal with the toucan's colorful beak in this video.


What Am I?

Trunk Hugger - Ep. 3

This giant animal loves to eat its veggies. Guess what it is before time runs out.


Wacky Wild Animals

Mountain Goats - Ep. 8

Mountain goats can live high in the mountains. Learn more about these amazing rock-hoppers in this video.


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