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Dino Road Trip

Spinosaurus - Ep. 2

Spinosaurus may have been the biggest meat-eating dinosaur that ever lived—and Ali and Sean travel back 100 million years to North Africa to check it out. Tour guide Simon explains how Spiney lived in and out of the water and hunted for its favorite food: fish!


50 Birds, 50 States

Rhode Island - Ep. 12

The Ocean State is the smallest in the United States. But though it's small in size, Rhode Island is big in history. MC Red the Rhode Island red shows Barry the bald eagle all the islands that make up this state, plus the cool New England history from this state on the Atlantic Coast.


Dino Road Trip

Anchiornis - Ep. 1

Ali and Sean travel back 150 million years to the Jurassic period to get a look at a flying dinosaur called the Anchiornis. Tour guide Simon reveals that this dinosaur actually had feathers! 


Amazing Animals

Gila Monster - Ep. 24

Gila monsters have venom in their saliva glands that paralyzes prey! Learn more amazing facts about the Gila monster in this video from National Geographic Kids.


Dino Road Trip

T. Rex - Ep. 4

Ali and Sean travel back 66 million years to get a look at the most famous dinosaur of all time—the Tyrannosaurus Rex! Tour guide Simon reveals that the T. rex may be related to … a chicken? Find out if Simon is for real—or for the birds.


Weird But True! Shorts

Gecko Tongue - Ep. 4

Since geckos can't blink, how do you think they clean their eyeballs?


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