National Geographic Kids has partnered with our friends at Nat Geo WILD to bring you and your family two hours of fun and educational TV on Saturday mornings! Check your local listings and tune in!

Nat Geo WILD KiDS will feature natural history, science, and wildlife shows guaranteed to get kids excited about the world. For instance, in Nature Boom Time, kids follow Charlie Engleman to explore some of the nation’s coolest forests from a new perspective—climbing the tallest trees, flying over vast canopies, and studying hidden treasures on the woodland floor. Then WILD to Inspire takes kids on an African safari with adventure filmmaker Filipe DeAndrade as he introduces future conservationists to this amazing country.


Tune in this weekend!

Get a sneak peek of the shows.

The block also showcases popular videos from the Nat Geo Kids website, including 50 Birds, 50 Statesa music video series featuring a rapping bald eagle; Real or Fake, a kid-on-the-street quiz show; and Freaky Creatures, a fast-paced series starring Mother Nature herself!

There'll even be exciting, kid-friendly segments from some of Nat Geo WILD’s and National Geographic Channel’s most beloved shows, including Dog Whisperer, Everything You Didn’t Know About Animals, The Incredible Dr. Pol, Vet School, World’s Weirdest and Brain Games


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