A smart pup saves her owner's life in Richland, Washington.

Faith the Rottweiler sure has a nose for handling emergencies—the four-year-old service dog used her snout to call 911 after her physically disabled owner became unconscious! “I was in the kitchen when I passed out and hit my head,” owner Leana Beasley says. “Most helper dogs need a command to do what Faith did, but she put the clues together and went for the phone.”


Just as she was trained to do, the pooch used her snout to knock a special phone off the hook and press a button to speed-dial 911. Then Faith barked into the handset. “The dispatcher could tell this call was no mistake,” Beasley says. “She could hear the urgency in Faith’s bark.” An ambulance arrived, and Beasley was rushed to the hospital. “A lot of people wouldn’t have known what to do,” Beasley says. “Faith did—and I’m eternally grateful.”

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