Bailey the bison spends his time indoors in Edmonton, Canada.

Bailey the bison has a home on the range—literally! The 1,600-pound North American bison actually hangs out in the house with his owners. Sure, Bailey eats, sleeps, and goes to the bathroom outside, but he also pays visits to his owners inside. Bailey was rejected by his mother, so Jim Sautner raised him, feeding him with a bottle. When Bailey was about a year and a half old and full grown, he was invited into the house.


Sautner was surprised that Bailey didn’t act like a bison in a china shop. One time, though, Bailey did have to back out of a room because he was too big to turn around. After a little exploring in the beginning, Bailey now mostly hangs out in the house watching TV, playing with kids, and joining holiday dinners. “I raised six kids before Bailey,” Sautner says. “A bison is easy.”

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