A river otter is nursed back to health in Clearwater, Florida.

Charlie the river otter needed help. The six-week-old pup had been found wandering alone across a busy street. He was thin, dehydrated, and weighed less than three pounds. Trainers at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium were worried about the otter's health.

But Charlie was a fighter. Trainers began their rescue by feeding him with a bottle and taking him home every night. They snuggled him in towels and fed him vitamins.


Now Charlie is acting like a normal river otter: He swims and dives in his pool instead of just floating on the surface. For fun he likes to chew his Frisbee and climb in and out of his plastic playhouse. And when he's tired, Charlie crawls into his hammock and lounges tummy-up. "He's more like a real otter," says trainer Abbie Brewer. "But he still likes to suck his tail and toes like a baby!"

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