Meet polar scientist Dee Boersma

Conservation biologist Dee Boersma travels from the coasts of the Galápagos Islands to the icy Antarctic to study penguins. She talks to Nat Geo Kids about working in remote locations and sharing the planet with other animals.

"One time while examining some Galápagos penguin nests on a seaside cliff, I discovered two penguins. As I gently picked up the birds for a closer look, the ledge I was sitting on suddenly collapsed. I rolled down the cliff's side and into the ocean. I cut my leg during the fall, but I was able to shield the penguins and hold them above the water once I landed in the sea. After making my way back to shore, I got the penguins safely back to their nest.

"When I first went to the Galápagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador over 40 years ago to study the penguins that lived there, we knew very little about these animals. I camped by myself for two weeks to see what I could discover. Rats, venomous snakes, and three-foot-long iguanas were everywhere. No other humans were with me on the island, so it could get a little lonely. But I would talk to the sea lions that slept on the beach outside my tent-sometimes I'd poke them if they were snoring too loudly.

"The lives of penguins aren't so different from our own: They raise families and take care of their loved ones. What we humans need to do is protect their habitats so they can thrive. Each one of us can do something to make life better for other creatures."