Goodbar the miniature horse helps a frightened canine in Ada, Michigan.

Goodbar the miniature horse really galloped to the rescue to help Rosie the briard sheepdog. Missing for three days, Rosie somehow ended up in Goodbar’s pasture. But the dog was unable to get past the electric fence to go home.


Goodbar found the frightened canine and huddled over Rosie to keep her away from the electric fence. Then the horse began licking the dog to comfort her. “A horse’s natural reaction would be to run from strange animals,” says Goodbar’s owner, Jen Groters. “But I think Goodbar figured this dog was scared or hurt.”


Groters knew the dog hiding under Goodbar belonged to a neighbor and wanted to get her home. But the terrified canine refused to budge. So Goodbar gently nosed Rosie toward Groters, a nudge at a time. “It took 45 minutes to move her 25 feet,” Groters says. Looks like Goodbar knows how to use his horse sense!

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