Bubbles the Canada goose from Linderwood, North Dakota, has a special flight pattern.

Bubbles the Canada goose must have had a special flight pattern in mind when he came to live with Donna Heley. Ever since her family rescued the motherless gosling, Bubbles would hang out under the truck. Then one day Heley honked at the goose to get him out of the way. Maybe the horn reminded Bubbles of his mother, because next thing Heley knew, the goose was flying right beside her!


Soon wherever the truck went, Bubbles went. Once clocked at 65 miles an hour, Bubbles usually flew alongside the driver’s window. “Sometimes a loop around our property would get it out of his system,” Heley says. But then the goose answered the call of the wild: Bubbles and two other geese took off. “I was sad, but he’s free now,” Heley says. “I’m sure he’ll have many happy landings.”

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