A mother duck saves her eight ducklings in Vancouver, Canada.

Ray Petersen thought the wild duck was “quacking” up when she started tugging his pant leg and running in circles around him. “She was flapping her wings and squawking like crazy,” he said. But when the duck plopped down beside a sewer drain, Petersen took a look. What did he see? Eight ducklings that had fallen through the grate!


Petersen soon launched a rescue mission. He called the police and a tow truck to help him lift the 200-pound sewer grate. Then with a vegetable strainer he scooped out the ducklings one by one. In the end, the whole duck family waddled safely away. Petersen was amazed by the mother duck’s SOS. “You wouldn’t think she’d be that smart,” he says. Looks like this mama wouldn’t stop at anything to put her ducks in a row!

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