A tiny turtle pushes a baby stroller Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Beverly Ottaviano thought she had seen a ghost when her daughter’s doll stroller started moving with no one in sight. But it wasn’t a phantom—it was Nicky the box turtle on a joyride!

The six-inch-long reptile
 was searching for food when 
her shell bumped into the stroller’s axle. But Nicky 
didn’t seem to notice. She 
just pushed the two-and-a-half-foot-tall carriage along
 with her as she continued to hunt.


Soon the family started planting Nicky’s favorite foods—grubs or worms—under the stroller. “She’d see the food and go for the stroller almost every time,” Ottaviano says. Now she doesn’t even need food to perform the trick. One look at the stroller and she’s on a roll!

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