Some beavers build a dam from unexpected materials St. Helena Parish, Louisiana.

Need cash? Some Louisiana beavers might be able to float you a loan! When police learned that bags of stolen money totaling $67,000 had been stashed in a creek, officers went to investigate. They began tearing down a beaver dam to lower the water level—and discovered hundreds of dollars in loose bills woven in with the dam’s tree branches. “The bills were still whole,” Major Michael Martin says. “They were just really muddy.”


Beavers build dams from wood, but the resourceful rodents will add stones, plants, and even clothing. Apparently these beavers had found one of the bags of money at the bottom of the creek, opened it, and used the bills like leaves! Officers worked until midnight to gather up the loot and then dried the soggy bills in a clothes dryer. The thieves were caught. The beavers? They repaired the dam by morning. Maybe they should’ve kept enough cash to hire a carpenter.

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