Name That Leaf

Look at the leaves and read the clue. Can you identify the tree that the leaf comes from?

Telling one kind of tree from another can be tricky, but their leaves are unique enough to give you a clue as to what species they belong to. Can you identify the trees that match these leaves? Go outside and observe the kinds of leaves and trees where you live.

Check answers at the bottom of the page.

Photo credits: A. Hector Ruis Villar, Shutterstock; B. mycteria, Shutterstock; C. Ekaterina Pokrovsky, Shutterstock; D. ArtTDi, Shutterstock; E. Vibe Images, Shutterstock; F. Stuart Mock, Shutterstock; G. Yamgiwa, Shutterstock

A. chestnut; B. maple; C. quaking aspen; D. pine; E. palm; F. poison oak; G. American holly