Lion Aid Stand

Learn how you can help save animals

Are you thirsty for some lemonade? Your challenge is to mix some up—and give out some lion aid as well! Set up a lemonade stand but instead of just lemonade, sell your customers on the importance of saving big cats with these tips on raising awareness. Then consider donating your earnings to help save them through the National Geographic Big Cats Initiative.

  • Look up the weather forecast and pick a good day to sell "lion aid." You'll likely get more customers on hot days when people could use a refreshing drink.
  • Create a fun sign to hang on your "lion aid" stand or print out a Mission Animal Rescue poster for the table.
  • Set up your "lion aid" stand in an area with a lot of foot traffic such as outside of a school or by a shopping center. (But be sure to get permission first!)
  • Bring along all the ingredients you need for making lemonade as well as cups and a donation jar. Don't forget to taste test your product before giving it out!
  • Come up with your sales pitch. Think of engaging and personal ways to explain the purpose of your "lion aid" stand to customers. Here are 10 cool reasons to save lions.