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In this Special Ocean Issue of National Geographic Kids, get face-to-face with five ocean animals and meet the explorers who took their pictures. First, take a cool quiz to find out which ocean animal you’re most like, then read the amazing stories behind the wild photographs of bottlenose dolphins, humpback whales, polar bears, gentoo penguins, and harbor seals. Next, discover 18 ways you can save the ocean. You'll also learn the results of our latest Whatcha Think? poll. And be sure to visit the giveaways page April 20-27 for a chance to win a copy of the Nat Geo Kids Almanac 2022.  

Other stories in this month's issue:

•  Amazing Animals: Meet a dog that fetches ocean trash, a surfing sea lion, and a secret-agent albatross.
•  Weird But True: Check out fun facts you can share with your friends.
•  Guinness World Records: Read about a giant pair of boots, a breed of donkey with three-foot-long dreadlocks, and a runner who ran a race dressed as a traffic cone.
•  Awesome 8: See colorful photos from bright spots around the world.

Get these stories and more in the May issue, on sale April 13.
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