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Discover the wild ways supersmart hippos, dolphins, and other clever critters learn to swim, hunt, and more. Plus, see their just-for-fun "report cards" to find out how well they'd do in science, language arts, and gym.

You'll also meet the outstanding stinky champ of the skunk family. When threatened, spotted skunks lift their hind legs into the air, spread out their back feet, and hoist their tail high in an acrobatic handstand.

Next, see stellar pictures of planets, star clusters, and galaxies captured by the biggest, most powerful space telescope to ever exist—the James Webb Space Telescope. 

Then be sure to check out the results of the latest Whatcha Think? poll to learn which after-school snacks Nat Geo Kids readers like best.

Plus, get a free pull-out poster of a colorful red-eyed tree frog. Finally, have your parents visit our giveaway page between August 9-16 so they can enter for a chance to win the Weird But True Know-It-All: Middle Ages book. Please note, no entries will be accepted after August 16, 2023. 

Other stories in this month's issue:

•  Amazing Animals: Meet a pair of red foxes that played in a baseball stadium during the offseason in Colorado and a 13-foot-long, 400-pound freshwater stingray discovered in Cambodia. Plus, conservationists get good news about European bison in England
•  Weird But True: Check out fun facts you can share with your friends.
•  Guinness World Records: Read about a pricey pig painting, fancy french fries, and a wedding on wheels. 
• Bet You Didn't Know: Find out six mind-boggling facts about brains.

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