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In this Special Forest Issue of National Geographic Kids, fly on a futuristic vehicle to five types of forests around the world—and come face-to-face with the amazing animals that live there. First, take a just-for-fun personality quiz to find out which forest you belong in, then read more about the creatures that call these places home. And get tips for ways to help keep the planet’s forests standing tall. (Here are more Save the Earth tips.)

Then see the results of our latest Whatcha Think? poll to find out which national park Nat Geo Kids readers most want to visit. 

Finally, be sure to visit the giveaway page April 18-25 for a chance to win a forest prize pack, which includes a tree book, a T-shirt, and the 2023 Nat Geo Kids Almanac

Other stories in this month's issue:

•  Amazing Animals: Meet a shy black serval, a Chinese mantis that landed on a baseball player's hat, and a Fernandina giant tortoise scientists thought was extinct.
•  Weird But True: Check out fun facts you can share with your friends.
•  Guinness World Records: Read about extra-large lily pads, a dangerous bird, and a man who does a lot of one-handed backflips. 
• Bet You Didn't Know: Hear about six facts about animal ears
• Awesome 8Dive in to some of the world’s splashiest swimming spots.

Get these stories and more in this issue, on sale April 12.
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In this episode of Nature Boom Time, Charlie and his team take their cameras underwater to explore a kelp forest in California. Swim with them to find out how animals and kelp live together in this underwater ecosystem.

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