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In this issue of National Geographic Kids, discover how the Eurasian lynx could make a comeback in Scotland. Bringing back the wild cat to the British Isles is a tough task—but it’s not the first species to bounce back in these lands. You'll find out which other critters have returned. Next, check out five ways flamingos are the most extreme birds on Earth. Flamingos don’t just survive in harsh environments that would kill most animals—they thrive in them. Then meet some unlikely inventors who turned a mess into a success, and learn how to win at failing. Plus, find out 30 cool things about winter sports ahead of February’s Winter Olympics. Finally, get an adorable pullout poster of a wombat. 

Other stories in this month's issue:

•  Amazing Animals: Meet rabbits that uncovered ancient treasure, the first two gray wolf cubs born in Colorado in 80 years, and four cats that were saved from a sinking ship by sailors. 
•  Weird But True: Check out fun facts you can share with your friends.
•  Guinness World Records: Read about a very important penguin, a superfast lemon-juice drinker, and a huge lamp. 
• Bet You Didn't Know: Learn six cool facts about the cold. 
• Awesome 8 See eight fantastic frozen features.
• Critter Chat: Follow the social media feed of a narwhal with the screen name WetUnicorn, and find out what he says to his friends.

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