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Find out the surprising ways giant pandas, wolves, and eight other animal heroes keep Earth healthy by cooling the climate, saving shorelines, pollinating plants, and more! Plus, get tips on helping protect animals.

You'll also meet sand cats living their best lives and learn how these small cats survive their harsh desert habitats. Then discover amazing new tech that could change your life. 

Next, learn about the secret history of spies. The facts in this cartoony timeline—from ancient Egypt to present-day—are too fun to stay classified. 

Then be sure to check out the results of the latest Whatcha Think? poll to learn which eco-friendly action Nat Geo Kids readers do most often.

Plus, get a free pull-out poster of an adorable baby opossum. Finally, don't miss the special Earth Day Fun Stuff section with games like What in The World, Stump Your Parents, and Funny Fill-In

Other stories in this month's issue:

•  Amazing Animals: Meet a duck named Wrinkle that runs races and a dolphin that "talks" with porpoises. There's also good news for horseshoe crabs.
•  Weird But True: Check out fun facts you can share with your friends.
•  Guinness World Records: Read about the largest ball of human hair, the longest horn on a bird, and a man with a really big mouth.
• Bet You Didn't Know: Find out seven tree facts that will grow on you. 
• Awesome 8: Feast your eyes on some of nature's wildest attractions. 

Get these stories and more in the April issue, on sale March 7.

Watch to learn about deserts

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