Water Balloon Toss

Grab your brother, your sister, a parent, or a friend for this outdoor activity. You can play with any even number of people. If you don't have water balloons, ask your parents if you can use eggs instead.

Photo: Water balloons in a blue bucket


  • An even number of people
  • Water balloons or eggs (at least one for every two people)
  • Clothes that can get wet or messy


1. Divide all players into groups of two and give each pair a balloon.

2. Players should line up in two lines, with partners facing each other. Every player should then take one big step backwards.

3. Each player holding a balloon gently tosses it to their partner. If the other player catches it successfully, the partners each take another step backwards. If the balloon breaks, it's game over!

4. If you're playing with a group of people, keep playing until only one pair is left. If you're playing with a friend, see how far apart you can get before the balloon breaks. Try to beat your record!

Text by Sara Zeglin
Photograph by Nicole K. Cioe/iStockphoto