Ocean Flag Design Contest

Photo: Hands holding the earth

Rachana D., 12, Illinois, has been selected the winner of the contest. Her design will be made into a flag and will fly above our ocean research ship later this year.

Rachana's Essay

The ocean is a very important ecosystem on Earth because of all the creatures that live in it and all of the things that it provided for humans. We get to learn more about it by exploring it, while keeping it safe. The two hands in my picture represent all of the humans on this earth and their responsibility in keeping the ocean safe. Just because the ocean is in our hands sometimes, doesn't mean that we can take over it. The anchor in the middle of the picture represents ocean exploration. Even though the anchor lay at the bottom of the ocean, it's not disturbing any of the creatures around it Just like that, we should explore the oceans, but not destroy anything in it.