E/V Nautilus uses robotic vehicles to search the ocean floor.

Photograph courtesy Institute for Exploration

Your artwork could go on an ocean adventure aboard the exploration vessel Nautilus. National Geographic Explorer Robert Ballard, NG Emerging Explorer Katy Croff Bell, and NG Kids will choose one drawing to be made into a patch worn by the Nautilus crew as they cruise the world’s oceans to make exciting discoveries.

The crew will set sail July 1 and explore the Black Sea and Mediterranean (Turkey and Cyprus), focusing on archaeology and chemosynthetic communities (living on methane seeps) until the beginning of September. Learn more about the Nautilus expedition and what the team has found in the past. In the past two exploration seasons, Dr. Ballard's team found 40 wrecks. They found one each day while searching in the Black Sea, including perfectly preserved wrecks from the Greek classical era.

Contest entry begins on March 8 and ends on May 7.

Read the rules and print out an entry form.