Amelia Earhart

One of the world’s first female pilots, Amelia Earhart broke records before mysteriously disappearing. Check out the time line below to learn about the life of this legend.


Amelia Earhart is born in Atchison, Kansas. Back then girls usually wore dresses, but Earhart’s mother lets her wear pants so she can play like the boys. Amelia loves football and fishing.


Earhart attends an air show in California, where she becomes interested in flying. She signs up for lessons and starts training to be a pilot. She eventually buys her own yellow plane, nicknaming it the “Canary.” Cars … who needs ’em?


A group of 99 women pilots from all over the United States unite to celebrate female fliers. They call their new organization the Ninety-Nines and elect Earhart as their leader. #Amelia4Prez


Earhart becomes the first woman pilot to cross the Atlantic Ocean, which she does by herself. She also breaks the records for the longest flight by a woman and for crossing the Atlantic Ocean in the shortest amount of time. In her case, the sky’s not the limit.


Earhart becomes famous for her feats and travels the world speaking to kids about her flying adventures. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife, Eleanor, invite the flier to the White House. Earhart returns the favor by taking the First Lady for a ride in her plane.


During a round-the-world flight, Earhart’s plane disappears over the Pacific Ocean, and she’s never heard from again. As the search for answers to what happened continues, one thing is certain: Earhart was an inspiration to pilots—and women—everywhere.