Road Trip
Boredom Busters

Yeah, you love your kids. But long hours traveling together in the car can make any parent think about tossing the luggage out of the trunk—and tossing the kids into it. Here are 10 boredom busters to help keep your next family road trip from turning into family road rage.

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Photograph by ZouZou, Shutterstock

Boredom Busters 1



Pass back your mobile phone and have the kids find fun historical facts about the city or state you're driving through.

Boredom Busters 2


Use your car's navigation system to see how long it would take to drive all the way across the state you're in. Then compare that to other states. 

Boredom Busters 3


Pick something that the state you're driving in is known for, like cows in Texas. See who can take the most pictures of that state symbol. 

Boredom Busters 4


With a smart phone, research the reason behind the state's nickname and ask everyone to come up with alternate nicknames. 


Photograph by Mostovyi Sergii Igorevich, Shutterstock

Boredom Busters 5



 Be on the lookout for wacky road signs, and see who can find the most. 


Boredom Busters 6



Count how many lakes and rivers you can find in the state using your car's navigation system. 

Boredom Busters 7



Learn all about the state's official bird on a smart phone, then challenge everyone to find it while you're driving. 

Boredom Busters 8



Take pictures of all the weird and wacky stuff you see and create your own state map when you're home.

Boredom Busters 9



Keep track of all the population signs you pass and figure out the smallest and largest towns you passed through. 

Boredom Busters 10


Use your car's navigation system to track all the cities on the road you're currently on.


—Adapted from the Nat Geo Kids book Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Atlas

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