Scavenger Hunt

Cruz's Aunt Marisol sends him postcards from around the world with secret messages written in code. You can check them out too! Start the postcard scavenger hunt by following the instructions on the first postcard below. See if you can solve Marisol's codes and unlock a secret about Explorer Academy.


Download the first postcard and decode the puzzle. Then follow the link to the next postcard and enter the code you cracked. There are six postcards from Cruz's Aunt Marisol to decode. Postcards are case sensitive. Capitalize proper nouns (the name of a person or place, or a title) to unlock the next clue. If the clue is two words, be sure to add the space between the words when entering the password. See if you can figure out all the secret codes and you'll be rewarded for your efforts! (Some of the ciphers you’ll need to crack the code are below.)