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Your Family and National Geographic

National Geographic is the ultimate destination for kids of all ages who are curious about their world and how it works.


National Geographic sparks curiosity and

teaches your child about the world in a fun way.


National Geographic Kids is the leading nonfiction kids’ publisher in the country. From magazines to books to digital experiences, we help your child learn through our fun and smart signature style.  Check out...


National Geographic inspires and empowers kids to make the world a better place.

We have leadership programs that give kids the inspiration and tools they need to make a difference.

Your child might enjoy...

  • Mission: Animal Rescue, which gives your child the opportunity to save endangered animals.
  • Nat Geo’s citizen science programs, where kids can contribute to important scientific research.
  • Our Guinness World Records program, which connects kids from all over the world to achieve greatness (We even joined First Lady Michelle Obama to set the record for most people doing jumping jacks in a day!).


National Geographic enhances your child’s in-school educational experience.

From free resources for teachers to exciting school-based programs, we get kids excited about learning throughout the day.

Ask your school about...

National Geographic provides entertaining and educational opportunities for you, too!

Whether it’s through the National Geographic magazines that you know and love or our many books, digital experiences, live lectures, or family trips, we help you explore the world wherever you are.