Photo Tips: Capturing Fish with your Camera

Photograph by zeldacraft, My Shot

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Even without a fancy underwater camera, you can still capture mysteries of the deep. Check out these tips before heading to the local aquarium. And if you do have a waterproof camera, we’ve got tips to help you get your best shots.


Photograph by Dancer09, My Shot

Shoot Straight

When taking pictures through the glass of a fish tank or aquarium, be sure your camera’s lens is straight. The water in the tank can play funny tricks with the light, making things look distorted. Photographing through the aquarium’s glass at an angle means light will have to travel through more glass, which will get in the way of the subject you’re trying to capture.


Photograph by love2climb, My Shot

Know Your Fish

Watch the fish in the tank for a while before you start photographing. Observe how they swim around so you’ll be able to predict their movements and figure out their favorite hiding places. Getting good shots of fish is all about being in the right place at the right time.



Avoid the Flash

Light bounces off the glass of a fish tank right back into your camera. Avoid using the regular flash setting and make the room as dark as possible. The best lighting for your subjects should come from inside the tank or just above it. Thankfully, most big aquariums are set up this way.




Photograph by Fauxtography, My Shot


Photograph by bushman, My Shot

Shoot Sharp

Get as close as possible to your subjects when taking the plunge into the ocean or swimming pool with your camera. Photographing through water makes things look blurry. The less water  between you and your friend (or fish), the sharper the image.

The Right Light

Water absorbs colors such as red, orange, and yellow. Staying close to the surface of the water—and shooting on a sunny day—can help keep the color looking natural. If you do want to go deep, consider using an underwater flash or strobe.





Photograph by AnnaK, My Shot

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