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September 2018

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Baby Sea Turtles Run on Treadmills - Ep. 15

Baby sea turtles are born to move—they race to the ocean right after hatching. In this video, find out why scientists studied turtles on treadmills to learn how tough these creatures are!


In this special Super Sneaky issue of National Geographic Kids, we've got top-secret activities to inspire your undercover instincts. Get started by spying on a few ways people have sent secret messages. Then find out how six sneaky wildlife photographers got their shots. Keep up the sneakiness and discover the truth behind the gadgets in the brand-new Nat Get Kids book Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret. And visit the giveaway page from August 10 to 17 to learn how you can enter for a chance to win a signed copy of the book by cracking secret codes.

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