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September 2016

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Luna the Sea Otter

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In the September 2016 issue of National Geographic Kids, we're shaking paws with some top dogs! Find out why the 10 cool canines caught our eye. We've also got photos of an amazing skyscraper in China—you won't believe the secrets inside Shanghai Tower. Plus, see why a lemur's tail is a fan, flag, and scarf all in one!


Other Stories in This Month's Issue:

  • Chew on This: Get the scoop on the noodle dish from Thailand called pad thai.
  • Bet You Didn't Know: Check out wacky facts about the world.
  • Weird But True!: Learn fun facts you can share with your friends.
  • Amazing Animals: Meet an adorable koala from Australia that wears mittens!
  • Weird Waters: Discover what gives a Canadian lake its cool colors.
  • Sea Otter Rescue: A stranded pup gets a new home—and swimming lessons—from kind humans.

Check out these stories and more in this issue of Nat Geo Kids, on sale now.
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