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October 2017

Frightfully fun

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Bat Myths Busted

They're not blind! Learn more.

In this issue of National Geographic Kids, celebrate Halloween with a few fish with freaky names. Check out the crazy costumes of the pets on parade. Find where your deepest fears lie with our frightful flowchart. Then meet amazing owls that use special skills become top bird. Plus between September 20-27, you can enter our giveaway for a chance to win the book Guinness World Records 2018 Edition: Real Life Superheroes. Come back between October 4-11 for a chance to win Don't Read This Book Before Bed.

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Snowy Owl

They're amazing hunters.


See our videos, pics, and facts.

Animal Jam

Check out the newest animal!

Freaky Creatures

Bat Has REALLY Long Tongue - Ep. 8

The tube-lipped nectar bat has a bizarre tongue like no other animal! Find out what else makes the tube-lipped nectar bat so freaky in this episode of “Freaky Creatures”!


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You'll be laughing for hours.

Amazing Animals

Spotted Owl - Ep. 29

Spotted owls can’t move their eyeballs! Learn more amazing facts about the spotted owl in this video from National Geographic Kids.


These are supremely strange sea creatures!

Check out the beautiful and bizarre photos.