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May 2019

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In this issue of National Geographic Kids, check out inspiring tales of furry friends, four-legged heroes, and more amazing animal antics. Then find out what your dreams might say about you. Next meet three superheroes inspired by real-life animals. You'll also discover what would go down if some crazy scenarios actually came true. Plus get a free pull-out poster of an adorable seal. And be sure to visit the giveaway page from April 23-30 to enter for a chance to win a copy of the Nat Geo Kids book 125 Animals That Changed the World.


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Cute Animals

Chris P. Bacon's Wheels - Ep. 11

Chris P. Bacon the pig doesn't have use of his hind legs--so the critter gets around on sets of wheels. Check out a video of the unstoppable animal with his pig-mobiles.


Kids vs. Plastic

DIY Rainbow Unicorn Ice Pops - Ep. 1

Spunky reduces plastic wrapper waste by making her own rainbow unicorn popsicles at home.


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