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August 2018

Almanac Challenge

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Wacky Wild Animals

Farley the Red Panda - Ep. 9

Farley, a young red panda, has been through a lot in his short life. Watch him grow and thrive under the care of his keepers.


In this issue of National Geographic Kids, meet the incredible red panda. Prepare to be amazed by this acrobat of the forest. Then find out what would go down if some crazy scenarios came true. You'll also get the scoop on which animals come out on top in some surprising matchups. Be sure to enter the Almanac Challenge art contest for a chance to win $500 to help save lions. Plus get a free pull-out poster of a great white shark. And head to the giveaway page from July 10 to 17 for a chance to win a copy of the National Geographic Kids book Animal Smackdown.

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Cute Animals

Orphaned Baby Sloths Climb Rocking Chairs - Ep. 16

Baby sloths learn to climb trees in the wild, but how do they figure it out if they live at a rescue center? Find out how rocking chairs are helping orphaned baby sloths in this video with National Geographic explorer Lucy Cooke. 


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