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April 2016

Freaky Creatures

Ninja Frog Kicks Bugs - Ep. 1

Reticulated glass frog fathers protect their babies with ninja moves. Find out what else makes the reticulated glass frog so freaky in this episode of "Freaky Creatures!"


Freaky Creatures

Penguins Step on Sea Lions - Ep. 2

Humboldt penguins tumble down a cliff and hop over sea lions to get their lunch. Find out what else makes the Humboldt penguin so freaky in this episode of “Freaky Creatures!”


Wild Beats

Great Barrier Reef feat. DJ Ecotone - Ep. 1

DJ Ecotone spins a bold beat with animals of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Check out this video by DJ Ecotone that features bottlenose dolphins, humpback whales, blue whales, and parrotfish.


This month meet seven animal rascals, such as a raccoon thief, a beluga whale trickster, and a naughty orangutan. Check out these guys and more in the April 2016 issue of National Geographic Kids magazine, on sale now.


Other Stories in This Month's Issue:

  • Food That Fools You: Vegetable shortening instead of ice cream? You won't believe these fake foods.
  • Xtreme Illusions: Take a look at mind-bending pictures that will boggle your brain.
  • Wacky World: Check out bizarre roadside attractions from around the world.
  • Mistaken Identity: Find out why sugar gliders seem to think they're birds and baseball players.
  • Amazing Animals: Sloth loves stuffed animal!

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Amazing Animals

Raccoon - Ep. 30

Raccoons are related to bears! Learn more amazing facts about the raccoon in this video from National Geographic Kids.


Amazing Animals

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The Scoop on Sloths

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