NG Explorers On a Mission to Help Lions

Published August 4, 2014


by Charlotte Jones, NG Kid Reporter


I interviewed National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence Beverly and Dereck Joubert in honor of World Lion Day, which is August 10. The Jouberts take pictures of and film documentaries about lions and other animals. They want to talk to a lot of people on World Lion Day—and every day—to make sure that we help save the lions so that the lions can live free and wild. 


The Jouberts worked with National Geographic to start a program to save the lions called the Big Cats Initiative. They also worked with people in South Africa to make bracelets to raise awareness about the problems facing the lions. If we don’t do something now, by the time we are adults, there might not be any more lions in the wild.


Kids can help save lions by learning all about them and why they are in danger. They should talk to their parents about lions or write letters to support lions.

Big Cats Initiative

Learn about the project.


NG Kid Reporter Charlotte Jones with Beverly and Dereck Joubert in front of a poster for "The Last Lions," one of the Jouberts' films.

Photograph by NG staff; Kid Reporter's dress donated by Tea Collection