Giant Panda
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Here are five bear-illiant reasons why giant pandas are one of our unexpected water heroes.

1. Giant pandas live in the remote central mountains of China. They thrive in the damp bamboo forests.

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2. Pandas are super swimmers! If a panda feels threatened near water, it can use its swimming skills to escape danger.

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3. Giant pandas love to quench their thirst. They often make their homes next to freshwater sources, like a spring or river. That way they can take a refreshing slurp anytime, day or night!


SPONSORED Wild About Water Giant Panda


4. In winter, these cuddly cuties can use their big, powerful paws to punch through frozen creeks or rivers and drink the water below!

SPONSORED Wild About Water Giant Panda


5. What’s for dinner (and lunch, and breakfast, and snacktime)? Bamboo! This juicy plant makes up 99 percent of a giant panda’s diet. They can eat up to 83 pounds of bamboo every single day. The plant is full of moisture, which keeps pandas healthy and hydrated.

SPONSORED Wild About Water Giant Panda

Just like giant pandas, we’re wild about water! It helps keep us cool and stay healthy—so make sure you drink enough too. Glug, glug, glug!

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Photograph from top by Lujuan Peng, EyeEm; Marie Revol, EyeEm; Christian Colista, Adobe Stock; donyanedomam, Adobe Stock; G&M Therin-Weise

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