Emperor Penguin
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Here are five splash-tastic reasons why these brilliant birds are our water heroes.


1. Emperor penguins can dive more than 1,850 feet under the ocean— that’s deeper than any other seabird!

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2. These birds feast on fish and squid, and all that seafood means drinking salty seawater. That would make other animals (like you!) sick. But not emperor penguins. They have a special gland just above their eye socket that removes excess salt from their blood. Then they can sneeze the salt out of their beaks. Ew!

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3. Emperor penguins have strong flippers that allow them to zoom through the water at about 4.5 miles an hour.

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4. These penguins’ black-and-white coats aren’t just for decoration. They help camouflage the seabirds in the water, hiding them from predators. From above, their black backs blend in with the dark ocean water; from below, their white tummies match the bright, sunlit surface.

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5. They’re waterproof! The feathers of emperor penguins are covered in a waterproof oil that keeps them warm and helps them glide through water.

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Like emperor penguins, we’re wild about water! Not only is water home to incredible animals, but it’s good for you too. Drink up—glug, glug, glug!


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Photo credits from top: Oscar Wong, Jeff Mauritzen, Martin Bailey (numbers 3 and 4), Ralph Lee Hopkins

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