Polar Bear Cam

Watch live footage of polar bears in Manitoba.

Courtesy explore.org, Polar Bears International, Frontiers North Adventures

Every fall, Churchill's polar bears gather along the shores of Hudson Bay in Manitoba, Canada, to wait for the ice to form so they can return to their seal-hunting grounds. During that time, they’re in a state known as walking hibernation. But freeze-ups are coming later each year—and melt-offs sooner—straining the limits of their fat reserves. That's why this population is considered the most endangered.

Our friends at explore.org, Polar Bears International, Frontiers North Adventures, and Manitoba Conservation have installed cams on Tundra Buggies, the Tundra Buggy Lodge, and on top of towers along Cape Chuchill to bring the sights and sounds of the great polar bear migraton to you. The Polar Bear Cam is a switched feed that features the best from a variety of cams.

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