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You don't need a huge patch of land to grow a garden. A small square of backyard or a flowerpot on a balcony or sunny windowsill will do just fine! With a little bit of care, you and your family can enjoy tomatoes or flowers that you grew together.


Photograph by Susan Chiang, iStockphoto


Marshmallows were originally made from roots of a plant called the marsh-mallow.


  • A seedling tomato, herb, or flower (look for these at supermarkets, garden centers,  or farmers' markets)
  • A trowel
  • A flowerpot, window box, or sunny patch of backyard
  • Potting soil (if you are using a flowerpot or window box)
  • A watering can


Fill your flowerpot or window box about three-quarters full with potting soil. If you are planting in your backyard, select a site. Make sure you check with your parents before you start digging!

With your trowel, dig a hole deep and wide enough to hold the roots of your plant. Be sure your flowerpot will provide enough space for the roots to grow. Place the plant in the hole, then fill in the dirt around the roots. Pat the dirt down gently, but don't pack it down too tightly.

Water your plant immediately after planting. A little water is best. If you are using a flowerpot or window box, place your plant in a sunny spot near a window. Water it every few days or if the soil is dry. When your tomatoes or herbs are ready for harvest, make something to share with your family.


Text by Sara Zeglin

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