Name That Leaf
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Telling one kind of tree from another can be tricky, but their leaves are unique enough to give you a clue as to what species they belong to. Can you identify the trees that match these leaves? Go outside and observe the kinds of leaves and trees where you live.


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A. These trees grow a certain nut that is a popular wintertime snack. It's found in hard, oval-shaped shells.


B. This leaf belongs to a certain North American tree that delivers something sweet to your breakfast table!


C. With little "teeth" around its edges you'd think this leaf had a bite. The slightest breeze will make it shudder, which is a hint to its name.


D. These thin needles come from trees that also grow brown cones.


E. Leaves from these types of trees look similar to fans. They are found in tropical areas around the world.


F. As a general rule, these leaves grow in a cluster of three. Just remember: You can look but don't touch. This leaf will likely leave you itching!


G. Dark green leaves with bright red berries are the perfect color combination for this tree used for holiday decorating.






Photo credits: A. Hector Ruis Villar, Shutterstock; B. mycteria, Shutterstock; C. Ekaterina Pokrovsky, Shutterstock; D. ArtTDi, Shutterstock; E. Vibe Images, Shutterstock; F. Stuart Mock, Shutterstock; G. Yamgiwa, Shutterstock

A. chestnut; B. maple; C. quaking aspen; D. pine; E. palm; F. poison oak; G. American holly