Raise Awareness
Mission Animal Rescue

Mission Animal Rescue is a worldwide effort that not only educates about our most endangered species, but also teaches how to rescue them!
We've got activities to help you and your children raise awareness about endangered species to make the planet a better place.
The activities can be tailored to support endangered species in general or a specific type of animal. It’s up to you how you customize them.
Get more ideas with our Mission Animal Rescue toolkit.

Study an Endangered Animal

Research an endangered animal’s body language and lifestyle by heading to the local zoo, watching videos online, checking out books, or whatever ways you can think of. Learn how the animal lives and what it eats. Try mirroring its body language to get a better feel for the animal. Share what you’ve learned! The more we understand animals, the more we can empathize with them.

Start a Petition

When people sign a petition, it can be a powerful way to demonstrate support for a point of view. Research the topic, then collect evidence for your argument to help you gain influence. Get it out there in as many ways as possible. Create posters and establish tables at local stores with their permission. Post it online and ask people to "like" it. Send it to the media. Share a copy of the petition and list of supporters with local or national bloggers, radio stations, and newspapers. Try to get your petition out to well-known people, public officials, and politicians.

Mission Animal Rescue Lessons

Ask your kids' teachers to dedicate one of their lessons to teaching their students about an endangered species. Or ask students to teach their classmates about what they’ve learned about an endangered animal. Encourage and excite them about careers in endangered species conservation.

Write a Letter

Who has the power to help endangered animals? Perhaps there is a government that is not taking action to protect lions, or a hunting organization that wants to remove wolves from an area. Find out who is in charge. These are the people you and your kids are looking for. Write a letter to the powerful person that you have identified. Take your time to present your argument. Give evidence and examples for each point that you make. This is your chance to help an endangered species by representing it. Once your letter is finished it is time to get as many people as possible to sign it. The more people that sign it, the more powerful your words will become. Once you have gathered as many supporters as you can, send your letter off! With some skill and a bit of luck, your efforts may just help protect endangered animals.


Support Our Work

Learn how your donations can help endangered species.

Organize a bake sale. Make animal-shaped sugar cookies. Be sure your kids tell their customers about the threats to these animals, and donate the earnings to help save them.

Encourage your kids to set up a lemonade stand and donate the money you earn. Be sure to tell your neighbors about Mission Animal Rescue.

Host an endangered species themed party. Send out invitations and ask guests to dress up like their favorite endangered species. Party favors could include a themed cake and goodie bags with fun facts about the animals. This makes for a fun-filled birthday or Halloween party. Ask the guests to skip the gifts and instead give the money they would have spent to support threatened animals.

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