Mission Animal Rescue

A world without lions is a scary thought. This Halloween dress up as your favorite endangered animal to spread awareness about Mission Animal Rescue. Below you’ll find instructions for an easy lion costume—or you can get crafty and come up with your own outstanding outfit! Then hand out our Mission Animal Rescue cards below when you go trick-or-treating to spread the word.

Picture of a kid in a lion costume

Make Your Own Lion Costume


You will need:

  • Yellow hooded sweat suit
  • Yellow felt
  • Thick, fuzzy yellow and brown yarn
  • Brown face paint

What to do:


For the lion's mane, cut a piece of yarn long enough to tie around your head with the hood up. Tie three-inch-long pieces of yellow and brown yarn all around the long piece of yarn. Make fur cuffs for your wrists the same way. For the tail, cut a long strip of felt and glue yarn to the end. Cut two ears out of the felt. Tie the lion's mane around your hood and secure it with safety pins. Pin the ears and tail in place and tie on the fur cuffs. Paint on a brown nose and whiskers and practice your roar.



When you go trick-or-treating don't forget to bring along these special Mission Animal Rescue cards! When you get a piece of candy, give a card! Help spread the word about Mission Animal Rescue through your whole neighborhood.




Who will make your Halloween costume?


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Mission Animal Rescue

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More About Mission Animal Rescue

Mission Animal Rescue charges you to save our planet's most endangered and threatened animals. The initiative aims to inspire you to learn as much as possible about endangered animals and to take action to rescue them.


Through this site and through the Mission Animal Rescue books, you will have the opportunity to learn in-depth information about endangered animals, and to access resources and activities that help you get involved. By combining education, habitat protection, and a global network of volunteers, activists, and advocates, we can build a better world for animals and ourselves!