Mission Animal Rescue
Mission Animal Rescue

We're on a mission to save animals—and we need you! The first step in saving threatened and endangered animals is getting people to care. Here you can find activities to help spread the word about threatened animals.
Start by sending a letter to your local representatives.
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Mission Animal Rescue

Lions - Ep. 3

Learn all about lions and how you can help them!


Mission Animal Rescue

Elephants - Ep. 4

Learn all about elephants and how you can help them!


Mission Animal Rescue

Polar Bears - Ep. 2

Learn all about polar bears and how you can help them!


Mission Animal Rescue

Wolves - Ep. 1

Learn all about wolves and how you can help them!


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PARENTS AND TEACHERS! Learn more about Mission Animal Rescue and ways to guide your young learner with our toolkit!



More About Mission Animal Rescue

Mission Animal Rescue charges you to save our planet's most endangered and threatened animals. The initiative aims to inspire you to learn as much as possible about endangered animals and to take action to rescue them.


Through this site and through the Mission Animal Rescue books, you will have the opportunity to learn in-depth information about endangered animals, and to access resources and activities that help you get involved. By combining education, habitat protection, and a global network of volunteers, activists, and advocates, we can build a better world for animals and ourselves!



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