Make Your Backyard Wildlife Friendly

Attract animals to your neighborhood by making your backyard wildlife friendly.

Increase the chances that wildlife will want to visit your backyard by making sure the plants in your yard are animal friendly with these simple tips!


  • Shrubs and bushes that are native to the area in which you live and have berries, nuts, and seeds for food. You'll want to go to a garden center with an adult and talk to the experts about what would be best.
  • Birdbath and bird feeder (you can make your own or buy them)


1. Have an adult help you plant the shrubs and bushes around your yard. Animals may use these plants for shelter, as hiding spots, or as places to build nests. Animals that eat berries, nuts, and seeds may use them as a food source.

2. Choose an area for your birdbath and set it up with the help of an adult. Birds and maybe other small animals will use this to bathe and drink from.

3. Choose a tree where you can hang your bird feeder, and have an adult help you hang it up.

4. Now keep your eyes peeled for animals that come to explore your backyard. Remember not to get too close or bother the animals that visit.

Don't have a backyard? Not problem! You can still keep a list of the animals you observe at your local park or playground.

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Keep your eyes peeled for animals that visit your backyard.

Photo credits: cljws, Shutterstock; Ron Hilton, Shutterstock