Make a Telescope
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If you want a better view of the night sky but don't own a telescope, you and your family can build one of your own. Take your new telescope out at night and gaze at the amazing night sky. See if you can name some of the constellations you might spot!



Make a Telescope


  • Two paper towel tubes
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Paint (any color you like)
  • 2 convex lenses (you can get these from a pair of magnifying glasses or order them online)



1. Paint your paper towel rolls and let them dry.



2. Create the inner tube of the telescope. Using scissors, cut one tube lengthwise on one side. Curl one side of the cut edge slightly over the other. Then tape the cut edge down.



3. Insert your inner tube into the second paper towel tube. It should fit snuggly into the second tube but still be able to slide in and out. If not, adjust the size of the inner tube.



4. Tape one of the convex lenses to the outer edge of each tube, only around the rim so you don't cover too much of the lens.


5. Hold the telescope with the inner tube facing your eye. Aim it at an object in the night sky. (Never use a telescope to look at the sun.) You can focus by sliding the inner tube in and out.

Two toilet rolls and lenses
Paper towel rolls and scissors
paper tubes

paper tubes

Credits: Illustrations by Stuart Armstrong; Photos by Lori Epstein, NG Creative

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