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Discover the Lost City of Gold with National Geographic Explorer Andrés Ruzo

For centuries, explorers have journeyed to the Amazon jungle in search of a legend—an ancient city made entirely of gold. National Geographic explorer Andrés Ruzo searches this rain forest for the lost city and discovers what it really means to the people who live there. Watch now!

Do You Have What It Takes to Survive the Boiling River?

As a geothermal scientist, National Geographic Young Explorer Andrés Ruzo studies the Earth's heat. His mission: Discover why the Boiling River in the Amazon jungle is superhot. Watch this video as he treks through the rain forest in search of the Boiling River—and what he does when he gets there.


Jungle Rumble - Part 1

The LEGO City jungle explorers have arrived in the jungle! On their search for panthers and other wildlife, they run into a few obstacles … and learn that snacks may save your life in the jungle!

Jungle Rumble - Part 2

The LEGO City jungle explorers run into an old man who claims to be a lost explorer who has been trekking through the jungle for 70 years. He offers them a trade that they can’t refuse—a map to the lost temple and its treasure!

Jungle Rumble - Part 3

In part 3 of 3, the LEGO City jungle explorers have finally found the ruins of the ancient temple! It is said to have been destroyed in an earthquake, but surely it’s safe to enter now?

Party Animals

In the Jungle - Ep. 11

Check out animals that live in jungles all over the world in this video featuring music by Parry Gripp!


Amazing Animals

Red-eyed Tree Frog - Ep. 12

Red-eyed tree frogs have three eyelids on each eye! Learn more amazing facts about the red-eyed tree frog with National Geographic Kids.


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