Meet the LEGO City jungle minifigures and learn about their special skills!


She's known as a human power tool: This explorer is an excellent nature photographer. She can drive any vehicle, except mining machines (yet) and shopping carts (some people just ALWAYS get the wobbly-wheeled ones).
And don’t ever try to arm wrestle with her, at least not if you’re betting on winning.


This explorer has seen and done it all. Jungles, deserts, arctic zones, and volcanoes. He hasn’t been home for years – discovering new places, archeological finds and animals is his life. He can tackle anything - even gigantic, poisonous spiders. Nothing scares him, except big malls on Saturdays.


As the granddaughter of one of the world’s most famous explorers, Sir T.H. Brickston, this is explorer's goal is to protect all endangered animals in the world. She even wants to save the deadliest ones.

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