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Watch cool videos all about the Arctic.

Watch this funny video!

These polar bears know how to have fun. Check it out.

Check out this cool video!

Meet an explorer who skies and studies climate change in Greenland.

Everything Oceans

Narwhals - Ep. 7

Narwhals are a species of whale with a horn. Take a look at the narwhal's mysterious tusk in this video.


Amazing Animals

Polar Bear - Ep. 4

Polar bears can swim 100 miles at a stretch! Learn more amazing facts about these amazing creatures with National Geographic Kids.


Party Animals

So Many Walruses - Ep. 19

Arctic walruses pile up and have a blast with other cold weather animals in this chilly music video.


Superb Birds

Tundra Swan Migration - Ep. 8

Tundra swans make a 4,000-mile (6,437-kilometer) migration every year. Only the strong survive the journey.


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